Good night, sweet prince

Two weeks and one day ago, Bodhi died. Our beloved Black Labrador, only three and a half years old, was acting strangely in the couple weeks before he died. He seemed depressed, less tail wagging. A few days later, he was acting oddly with his food and water […]

Folklife with Finnegan and the family

Last year was my first Folklife, and I spent the entire time wandering around slack-jawed at all the great music and vendors, wishing I’d come years before. I vowed to start coming every year. I’m still amazed it’s free. They let us walk through the gates and I […]

Finnegan has landed!

Welcome to the family, Finnegan! Our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who passed away earlier this year, had a long, slightly ridiculous name: Sir Oliver Reginald Kirkpatrick McSnortsalot. We called him “Ollie”. Of course we had to give Finn a similarly regal name, so let me introduce you to: […]

Bicycling and Sailing updates

Per the Brompton Dream, the walks are continuing, but I’ve been slow. Some minor health problems popped up this week, so haven’t been racking up the Brompton Bucks the way I’d have liked. I’m hoping things will improve in the next week or so. I did get my green […]